Important Note

  • Working women (Single or married) but accommodation is only for the women not for family.
  • Local contact person in Delhi preferable recommended by parents.
  • Details of contacts of parents and local contacts such as address/mobile number.
  • Copy of the appointment letter by the company in letterhead of the company with details of company registration and mobile number.
  • Duration of Accommodation: Permanent
  • Three years: can it be extended
  • Temporary/ Guest accommodations are also available for short stay.
  • Security deposits and mess arrangements are compulsory.

Membership Form

Local guardian undertaking form [Adya Jha Hostel-I]

Local guardian undertaking form [Working Women’s Hostel No. II]

Parents undertaking  form [Working Women’s Hostel No. II]

Parents undertaking form [Adya Jha Hostel-I]

Application form [Adya Jha Hostel-I]

Application form [Working Women’s Hostel No. II]

Young Women’s Hostel Rules Book

Scholarship Announcement

Scholarship Application Form 2019-2020